Professional Purity

Yüm ingredients are meticulously selected for efficacy, purity, quality and potency. We employ the finest natural therapeutic ingredients and dynamic skin conditioners which pamper and nourish your skin. Our formulation team pioneered an innovative approach to therapeutic skincare where we employ traditional ingredients in their purest form. The source of each ingredient is as important as the ingredient itself and as a result we seek the majority of our ingredients from certified organic or wildcrafted sources.

As well, we support ecologically friendly, sustainable and fair trade agricultural practices. We were the first Vegan certified skin care brand in the professional market. You will find that our ingredients traditionally sourced from animals are replaced in favor of an eco-friendly plant based alternatives. More than 95% of our botanical ingredients are extracted in-house in our lab using a traditional distillation method. This process eliminates the use of undesirable ingredients to extend the shelf life of the extract.